What Is Kinetic Link Training?

Welcome you to your complimentary mini-course “Getting Started with KLT”.

We trust you will you enjoy this basic introduction to the Kinetic Link Training (KLT) system and believe much of this material (along with any future KLT study you participate in) may change the way you think about resistance training exercise and teach you a whole new, challenging and enjoyable way to move your body when training with weights.

Kinetic Link Training (KLT) is a systematic approach to biomechanically balanced, full-body functional strength training. KLT can assist you in achieving wonderful long-term health and wellbeing plus fantastic physical fitness and physique results.

KLT exercises and workouts are totally adaptable to suit all levels of physical strength and fitness so whether you are a beginner to resistance training, a fitness enthusiast of any age or an accomplished athlete, KLT can work for you. With all our KLT workouts you enjoy the freedom to choose to train at home, outside or at a gym. And you are encouraged to exercise at an intensity of effort that suits your level of fitness and supports your training goals.

In this e-Learning experience you will:

  • Learn how to correctly perform the KLT Introductory Workout.
    • 4 different exercises
    • 15 - 30 minutes to complete the workout
    • resistance bands (or cables) only
  • Begin to experience the Kinetic Link Training system - taking your first steps on the journey to developing and maintaining full-body functional strength.

All KLT courses and the entire Kinetic Link Training system have been created by highly experienced degree-qualified exercise professionals. Wayne Rodgers, Sports & Exercise Physiotherapist & International Professional Development Lecturer and Graeme Kennedy, Physical Education Graduate & Health Coach. Wayne and Graeme have decades of success with delivering functional strength and fitness coaching to a wide variety of clients, along with teaching the KLT methodology to enthusiastic audiences of health & fitness professionals around the world.

With all our KLT courses you experience comprehensive online education and video support. We will teach you (step-by-step) how to confidently perform all your exercises with perfect technique.

The Benefits of Kinetic Link Training

The short-term benefits of performing KLT workouts include:

The long-term benefits of regularly performing KLT workouts include:

Getting Started with KLT