Introductory Workout

Welcome to KLT

Welcome to the KLT Introductory Workout.

We trust you will you enjoy this basic introduction to the Kinetic Link Training (KLT) system and believe much of this material (along with any future KLT study you participate in) may change the way you think about resistance training exercise and teach you a whole new, challenging and enjoyable way to move your body when training with weights.

KLT exercises and workouts are totally adaptable to suit all levels of physical strength and fitness so whether you are a beginner to resistance training, a fitness enthusiast of any age or an accomplished athlete, KLT can work for you. With all our KLT workouts you enjoy the freedom to choose to train at home, outside or at a gym. And you are encouraged to exercise at an intensity of effort that suits your level of fitness and supports your training goals.

Learning Objectives

Your objectives for this course are to:

  • Learn how to correctly perform 4 KLT exercises.
  • The four full-body exercises (upper body movements combined with various lower body actions) to learn are:

    • Posterior Pull + Double-Leg Squat
    • Anterior Push + Anterior Lunge
    • Opening Arc + Split Squat
    • Closing Arc + Weight-Shifting Squat
  • Determine the level of intensity that suits you for each exercise.
  • Two examples of each of the 4 exercises will be presented: a home version (using bands) and a gym version (using cables). There are also regressed (simplified) and progressed (more challenging) examples for ech of those. So you will have the option of training at a level of intensity that suits you.

  • Develop a good level of co-ordination and confidence.
  • Remember to take your time with carefully studying the correct performance of the 4 exercises taught in the videos that follow in the next few lessons.

  • Combine the four exercises you have learned into one workout – KLT Introductory Workout.
Kinetic Link Training
Introductory Workout