Introductory Workout

Course Overview

We invite you to complete our complimentary mini-course: KLT Introductory Workout.

The course offers a basic introduction to the Kinetic Link Training system. You will be studying an innovative, challenging and enjoyable way to move your body when training with weights.

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Introductory Workout


This course is complimentary
to help you get started with KLT.

In this e-Learning experience you will:

  • Learn how to correctly perform the KLT Introductory Workout.
    • 4 different exercises
    • 15 – 30 minutes to complete the workout
  • Begin to experience the Kinetic Link Training system – taking your first steps on the journey to developing and maintaining full-body functional strength.

Do I Need Any Special Equipment?

All exercises taught in our Introductory Workout can be performed at home or outside or in a gym. All that is needed to successfully perform this workout is a few resistance bands. However, if you do have access to a gym (or training studio) with cable equipment (pulleys), this is a bonus as it will more easily allow for progression of load.

Home Training – Resistance Bands

Ideally one lighter band + one heavier band, with a secure low (knee level) anchor point + a secure mid (chest level) anchor point + a secure high (above-head level) anchor point.

Gym Training – Adjustable Cables

Multi-plate cables / pulleys with adjustable anchor points including a low point, a mid point and a high point.