Introductory Workout

Learning Practical Skills

The exercises that you will be learning are delivered in an order of lessons that allows for ease of understanding and safe, simple progression of your training program.

In all KLT courses, we suggest you simply finish one lesson at a time, stopping to review material as often as you feel necessary to have achieved a comprehensive learning experience.

There is a large practical component to this program, so when learning new exercises we encourage you to take your time, aiming to gain complete confidence in performing the movements with correct technique.

Learning practical skills is safer and more effective when you are not in a hurry.

You will be instructed to either watch, examine or perform each exercise.

  • Watch the KLT exercise videos (and listen to the narration explaining correct technique). You may find it beneficial to rehearse the movements (without weights) while watching the videos.
    • Each of the exercises taught in this course shows a simplified (lower intensity) version of the exercise and a progressed (higher intensity) version of the exercise. So you can choose the appropriate level of intensity to suit your level of fitness.
  • Examine the appropriate workout handout PDF (downloadable and printable) – which serves as a reminder of the start and finish positions for each exercise. In the long-term, it is expected that you will feel confident to perform each exercise by simply referring to the pictures in the handouts, without relying on the videos.
  • Perform the exercises under appropriate loads in your training space (home, outside or gym).

Now, let’s get moving by learning the four exercises in the KLT Introductory Workout.

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Introductory Workout