Introductory Workout

Posterior Pull + Double-Leg Squat

Now let’s learn your first KLT exercise.

As with most KLT exercises, you will be utilising a key feature of the Kinetic Link Training approach to functional strength training – that is, combining an upper body movement pattern with a lower body action. This allows you to train the kinetic chain (using muscles from toes to finger tips in a co-ordinated manner).

In this full body exercise we integrate the posterior pull with the double-leg squat.

You should position yourself so that the anchor point for the (knee level) low-band or low-cable is directly in front of you.

The posterior pull involves pulling (flexing the elbows) against the resistance of the cables / bands in a posterior (backward) direction. A type of rowing action.

The double-leg squat involves flexing at the hips, knees and ankles of both legs. The feet are aligned side by side (approximately shoulder width apart) and do not lift during the motion. As you descend into the squat – your hips and knees and ankles should all flex at the same time, and the angle of your trunk should approximately match the angle of your shin.

As mentioned above, in this exercise you will be training both the upper body and the lower body at the same time – in strength and conditioning (and rehab exercise science) this is known as integration training.

Integration training is an essential feature of Kinetic Link Training that is utilised in all of our exercises. We never isolate just one muscle or joint at a time.

Watch either of the videos below (home or gym version) and listen to the narration explaining correct technique. It is a good idea to rehearse the movements (without weights) while watching the videos.

If you feel more comfortable exercising with lighter loads and/or a lesser range of motion then we suggest you also watch the regressed version(below). If you would like to train with higher intensity – with heavier loads and/or greater range of motion – then watch the progressed version (below).

Exercise Videos

Home Version

Posterior Pull + Double-Leg Squat

Gym Version

Posterior Pull + Double-Leg Squat

Regressed Version

Progressed Version

Kinetic Link Training
Introductory Workout