Introductory Workout

Opening Arc + Split Squat

In this full body exercise we integrate the opening arc with the split squat.

You should position yourself so that the anchor point for the high-band (above head level) is in front of you.

The opening arc involves moving a relatively straight arm at a well controlled tempo – leading with the back of your hand – like a back hand shot in tennis.

The split squat is performed with one foot forward and one foot back with feet well separated through the sagittal (front to back) plane. Commonly, two-thirds of the body-weight is over the front foot and you should always stay up on your toes on the back foot (not letting your heel drop to the floor).

Once again you are training both the upper body and the lower body at the same time (integration training) and training one side at a time (asymmetrical loading).

In this exercise you will be moving the arm from a high position at the front in a diagonal motion to a mid position to the side (moving through different planes of motion). In the sciences of human movement this is known as multi-planemotion.

Multi-plane motions are a feature of Kinetic Link Training that are commonly utilised in many of our KLT exercises and full-body workouts.

Watch either of the videos below (home or gym version) and listen to the narration explaining correct technique. It is a good idea to rehearse the movements (without weights) while watching the videos.

If you feel more comfortable exercising with lighter loads and/or a lesser range of motion then we suggest you also watch the regressed version(below). If you would like to train with higher intensity – with heavier loads and/or greater range of motion – then watch the progressed version (below).

Exercise Videos

Home Version

Opening Arc + Split Squat

Gym Version

Opening Arc + Split Squat

Regressed Version

Progressed Version

Kinetic Link Training
Introductory Workout