Full-Body Workout #3

12-Week Training Program

KLT Full-Body Workout #3 is a 12-week (36 sessions) education and training experience.

This course offers you the opportunity to continue to explore the Kinetic Link Training system and enjoy the many benefits which come from regularly performing functional strength training workouts. Kinetic Link Training (KLT) offers you a time-efficient and systematic approach to developing (and maintaining) full-body strength and movement control. There is an assumption throughout this course that you have completed the KLT Foundation Program (or the Kinetic Link Training – Level One course for professionals) and are therefore quite familiar with KLT Full-Body Workouts #1 and #2.

Program Objectives

By studying this course and completing the recommended 12-week (36 sessions) training program you will:

  • Learn how to effectively perform a new KLT workout (biomechanically balanced, full-body strength training).
  • Review basic strength & conditioning and movement restoration principles with respect to integrated movement training.
  • Be given clear step-by-step instructions – allowing for gradual increases in your overall understanding of the Kinetic Link Training system and gradual progressions in your levels of integrated strength, movement control & full-body fitness.
  • Learn to perform 8 new KLT exercises, which can be performed either at home, outside or at the gym (it’s your choice).
  • Gain confidence in performing all the exercises with safe and precise technique.
  • Be encouraged to exercise with weights (dumbbells plus resistance bands or cables) for 30-50 minutes, 3 times per week – ideally completing 36 training sessions over a 12 week period.
  • Reinforce the health-affirming routine of performing regular full-body functional strength workouts.
  • Establish a commitment to long-term use of the Kinetic Link Training system – allowing you to easily learn and integrate new KLT workouts whenever you are ready in the future.
  • Appreciate just how much your body responds well to moving in an integrated manner, in many different directions, on a regular basis.

Do I Need Any Special Equipment?

All exercises taught in our KLT workouts can be performed at home (or outside) or in a gym. All that is needed to successfully perform this workout at home is a few resistance bands and a pair of dumbbells. However, if you do have access to a gym (or training studio) with cable equipment (pulleys) and a selection of dumbbells, this will more easily allow for regression and progression of load.

Home Training – Resistance Bands + Dumbbells

Ideally one light band + one medium band + one heavy band, with a secure low (knee level) anchor point + a secure mid (chest level) anchor point + a secure high (above-head level) anchor point. Plus dumbbells (nothing too heavy to get you started).

Gym Training – Adjustable Cables + Dumbbells

Multi-plate cables / pulleys with adjustable anchor points including a low point, a mid point and a high point. Plus a rack of dumbbells.

Full-Body Workout #3

12-Week Training Program

$90 (Australian Dollars)