Private Courses / Workshops

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With a 20 year history of providing professional education opportunities throughout Australia and around the world – we remain truly passionate about delivering high-quality, highly-practical, engaging & enjoyable professional programs to fellow physiotherapists and exercise professionals. We offer you the flexibility of attending a live or virtual event at a time and place that suits you. If you would like us to deliver any of our professional courses or workshops for your team in your location, then this is absolutely possible. Also, if necessary, we can commonly assist you in finding a suitable venue. There are financial incentives for organisers of private courses and workshops such as, significant discounts for group bookings, and/or commissions on ticket sales.

Live Courses

Live Courses are the perfect choice for those who prefer the joy of the “in-person” and “hands-on” experience which comes with live events. Any business with 8 or more therapists or trainers will typically find the hosting of a live private course to be a very cost effective option for progressing the whole team’s career development and advancing their client management skills.

Our two-day live courses (and the casual interactive manner in which they are conducted) are also great team-building experiences for all those who participate.

Virtual Courses

Virtual courses give you the complete interactivity that comes with a live course without the need for travel. Lectures and exercise demonstrations are conducted live via Zoom to your whole team at a time of your choosing. Several participants can study either physically together or remotely as a group activity. This option is cost effective for groups of 4 or more.

Tailor an event to suit your needs.

Our most popular private professional development courses are our two day offerings: Kinetic Link Training – Level One (Strengthening Functional Movement) and Mastering Shoulders – Simplifying the Complex. However we can design a bespoke education experience for your team – tailored to your specific needs and education budget. Just get in touch and we can start planning your professional development event.

Contact Wayne Rodgers(KLT Australia) for more information about hosting a private course or workshop.