KLT Level Three (Online)

KLT Level Three (online)

$620 Australian Dollars

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Do you want to belong to a steadily growing group of high-quality, movement-focused exercise professionals who have embraced the functional strength training principles that underlie the Kinetic Link Training system?

An invitation to participate in the KLT Level Three certification program is only offered to exercise professionals who have successfully completed both the KLT Level One (LIVE) + KLT Level Two (LIVE) courses.

The KLT Level Three certification recognises that you have fully consolidated your understanding of the essential KLT theory and acknowledges the acquisition of a level of excellence in the utilisation of the Kinetic Link Training system. The KLT Level Three program will allow you to completely review (and then comprehensively extend upon) the material covered in the Kinetic Link Training Level One and Level Two courses. The program can be started anytime and completed at a pace that suits you. It is presented as a combination of comprehensive online learning, access to many additional resources plus at least 2 hours of live or online personal mentoring and tuition with Wayne Rodgers.

KLT Level Three certification includes:

  • a chance to fully consolidate the knowledge you gained during all your KLT studies with approximately 2-3 hours of one-on-one personal mentoring with Wayne Rodgers – fully customised sessions to suit your needs (valued at AUD$600).
  • a selection of advanced KLT Level Three only resources: NEW full-body workouts and NEW focus workouts (valued at $200).
  • registration onto the NEW KLT Level One complete online course (the very latest 2022 version of this program) – you will be able to review all of the material learnt during the KLT Level One course along with all the recent “upgrades” (valued at $370).
  • registration onto the KLT Level Two complete online course – you will be able to review all of the material learnt during the KLT Level Two course (valued at $390).
  • permission to download (and print) all the exercise PDFs and professional resources from both KLT Levels One + Two + Three courses (valued at $330).
  • access to KLT marketing materials – logos, brochures, posters and general assistance with promoting Kinetic Link Training within your own business, plus opportunities to create a supplementary income via our KLT affiliates program.
  • approval to use the title (and logos) KLT Level Three Certified Coach in your business marketing and complimentary listing as a KLT Level Three coach on the KLT website.

A total of $1890 worth of products, resources and services for AUD $620


If you interested in participating in this unique personal program or need more information about KLT Level Three certification.

Please email Wayne | wayne@sportsphysio.fitness